What happens when productivity is measured only through chronological time?

What happens if we only measure productivity using chronological time (linear time)? Do we always then become busy? Busy doing what?

Here is an ancient SlowStory explaining the challenge of “busy doing what”:

“There was a farmer that was in need for hiring a lumberjack. Finally he was able to hire a lumberjack. The first day at work the lumberjack was able to cut down 30 trees. The farmer was very happy with his performance. He continued with the same performance for some days until he suddenly dropped down to 15 trees a day. The farmer started to worry, “What is happening?” He finally decided to go and talk to the lumberjack. He asked the lumberjack, “Why do you cut fewer trees now?” He answered, “The axe has become blunt.” The farmer then asked, “Why do you not grind the axe?” The lumberjack answered, “I do not have time to grind the axe because I am too busy cutting down trees.”

Author: Geir Berthelsen
Founder of The World Institute of Slowness
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