What does SlowTime! SlowLiving! mean?

Is it possible in today’s superfast world to live slow? Would I be able to keep my job? Provide a good living for my family? Does being ‘slow’ mean low efficiency, low effectiveness?

No! If that were the case, slow would be impossible!

Slow Time! Slow Living! It’s all about balance… time for silence, time for planning, time for observing, time for reflection, time for caring, time for friendship, time for loving…

Would all this destroy the efficiency and effectiveness in one’s work, whatever it is?

No, it would strengthen it! It would make it even more important.

You don’t have to travel somewhere else to find SlowTime! Or SlowLiving! You own it, wherever you are.

Get inspired by Sam Harris’ ‘Postcards from home’, they are from his own back yard. Sam says “Spending time with my family, doing nothing more than watching the birds flit from bush to bush is conducive to the sort of photographs I make.”

Visit Sam’s website for some excellent examples of SlowPhotography for a SlowRevolution!

Author: Geir Berthelsen
Founder of The World Institute of Slowness
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