Our Top 11 ways to slow down

Here at The World Institute of Slowness we have put together our Top 11 favourite tips for a slower, more productive and happier life:


1 Don’t hurry. If you must then hurry slowly! Festina Lente

Rushing things always makes you less productive and prone to making mistakes.


2 Do nothing. Daydream

Daydreaming is your brain at it’s most productive! Allow period of time in your day for doing absolutely nothing. Let your mind slow down and wander wherever it wants.


3 Work-life balance

Countless studies show that the harder and longer you work, the less productive you become. Set yourself clear boundaries as to when work time finishes, and when your free time starts. Stick to these boundaries, stop yourself from peeking at your emails in the evening or wkds.


4 Don’t multitask.

Multitasking is a bad way to do nearly everything. Do one thing at a time and do it well. Be realistic about how long tasks take and allow yourself enough time to do each task well.

Slow down, take your time and focus 100% on one task at a time.


5 Sleep

Good quality sleep is vital in slowing down your brain and letting it reset itself. Make sure you try to get a good 8 hours each night and let yourself nap when you need to, (except for when you’re driving!).


6 Diary

Don’t cram your calendar full of meetings or events. Allow enough time before an event to prepare and enough time afterwards to reflect. Don’t rush from meeting to meeting.

There’s nothing wrong with an empty diary, enjoy the freedom it gives you. Remember you are your calendar. Your life is defined by how you spend your time.


7 Disconnect

Take control of your mobile. Turn it off, put it away, so you’re not tempted to have a sneaky peak. Take off your watch. Don’t be a slave to other people’s messages. Don’t look at work emails on holiday or wkds. That is YOUR time.


8 Don’t get distracted

Our modern world is full of distractions. You have to be disciplined to not allow yourself to be distracted by the general noise of life, your mobile phone, emails, but also by other people demanding your time.


9 Be early

Always plan to be 10 minutes early to every meeting (work or personal). You will be amazed at how much calmer you are. Enjoy the free time this gives you and use it to slow down time.


10 Slow time

Slow down your own personal time clock. Go for a slow walk, sit in a park, turn off your TV and mobile, just sit and think.


11 Give the gift of time

The best gift you can give to someone is your time. Give undistracted, quality time to your family, friends or colleagues.


If you have your own tips for slowing down we’d love to hear them.

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Author: Geir Berthelsen
Founder of The World Institute of Slowness
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