Geir Berthelsen’s ten-point guide to going slow:

1. Set your alarm clock always ten minutes before you need to get up (you 
will never run late).
2. Prepare and eat a structured breakfast – for example, from 6.45 – 7.10 
am every day.
3. Let all parties involved – children and parents – talk during the breakfast
 and say what they think the highlight of the coming day will be. Listen.
4. Hug each other before leaving the house.
5. Smile. Try it!
6. Don’t skip lunch.
7. At 2 pm each day, ask yourself: “How am I feeling?”
8. Prepare and eat dinner with the whole family – no television on – and let 
everyone recount the highlights of their day. Listen.
9. Exercise for at least 20 minutes per day. Take a short walk, even if it’s 
10. Before bed, spend five minutes reviewing the day and plan tomorrow’s

Don’t live life as if you are afraid of being late at your own funeral!

Author: Geir Berthelsen
Founder of The World Institute of Slowness
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