Wall Street Journal – What’s the Rush? The Power of a Slow Morning

As an antidote to our tech-obsessed society, slow-morning practitioners wake up early to meditate, read, exercise or do nothing at all.

In reaction to hectic, over-scheduled lives burdened by 24-7 technology, a counter movement is emerging: the slow morning.

Proponents spend time—sometimes hours—doing very little in the morning. Rising early, they relish beginning their day in quiet solitude, free of interruptions and deadlines. They say it provides a foundation for productivity, calm and focus that lasts the rest of the day.

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Norwegian Air – Inflight Magazine: Moving at the speed of slow

“Fast thinking is your autopilot – your automatic responses that dictate your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Slow thinking is what happens to you when you turn off your autopilot.”… Geir Berthelsen


Moving at the speed of slow

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the guardian: Life in slow motion

Skipping lunch, working late and checking emails at home are now the norm for many of us – but can lowering the tempo actually make you more productive? Sally O’Reilly finds out


San Francisco Chronical: Not so fast! Artisans tout benefits of keeping a sedate pace

‘Slow’ movement, familiar from Slow Food, is slowly catching on in the U.S.


The Irish Times – Slow down, you move too fast

Skipping lunch, working late and checking e-mails at home are now the norm for many of us – but can lowering the tempo actually make you more productive?

EVER THOUGHT that going slowly at work could help you get more done? No, me neither. We live in a hectic, 24/7 society, full of power-walking workaholics, where Madonna sleeps with a BlackBerry under her pillow and slowing down is for losers.


Boston Globe via Common dreams

Not So Fast: The Argument for Slowing Down in Virtually Every Aspect of Life.


mahabis: the slow movement renaissance

“Stop the world, I want to get off.”

Whilst this phrase most famously lends its title to a broadway musical, it’s also an apt anecdote for 21st century life. In this age, we’re continually catching up with the treadmill of life, and it’s no surprise that ‘the slow movement’ has emerged as a result.


BBC News: Speed up, life’s too short

Perceived wisdom may tell us to slow down our lives but maybe pressure brings the best results, says Lucy Kellaway.

Read an alternative view to our mantra that slow beats fast. Let us know what you think.



CNN Article: We are not rats and life is not a race

  • We have adopted a corporate mind-set long on quantity, short on quality, Geir Berthelsen says
  • Our basic needs as humans of belonging, care and love are fulfilled by slowing down
  • To create great cities, we need to promote human interaction based on basic human values

Read full article: http://edition.cnn.com/2010/OPINION/11/12/geir.berthelsen.slow.movement/

Les Echos – The 4 ideas to remember from … “Slow Business”

Time, a factor of well-being and performance

Speed ​​does not guarantee performance.

Introducing the deceleration principle in some work methods can pay off. Let’s fight against the waste of time (meetings, frequent interruptions, emergency excesses) and toxic weather. And let us grow our time out for the sake of better well-being.