Over and over again we are asked: Why Slow?

Well, because everybody else is in the fast lane, everybody else is marinated in the fast culture. From the SlowPerspective we ask: Why Fast? The way we see it the game changers are fostered in the slow lane: Creativity, decisions and performance. From the SlowPerspective it's time for: Listening, observing, engaging, learning, reflecting and caring. On these principles we can take the leadership in transforming companies and organisations to a new dimension. That's what SlowConsulting® is all about.

About us

SlowConsulting® is the consulting arm of The World Institute of Slowness and the world’s leading advisors on how to understand organisational, business and brand strategy in SlowMotion®.

Chronological versus SlowTime®

Busy doing what?
Here is an ancient story explaining the challenge of Kairos time (SlowTime®) versus Chronological time.

“There was a farmer that was in need for hiring a lumberjack. Finally he was able to hire a lumberjack. The first day at work the lumberjack was able to cut down 30 trees. The farmer was very happy with his performance. He continued with the same performance for some days until he suddenly dropped down to 15 trees a day. The farmer started to worry, "What is happening?" He finally decided to go and talk to the lumberjack. He asked the lumberjack, "Why do you cut fewer trees now?" He answered, "The axe has become blunt." The farmer then asked, "Why do you not grind the axe?" The lumberjack answered, "I do not have time to grind the axe because I am too busy cutting down trees.”


“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”
Abraham Lincoln

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In the press

The New York Times

In his lectures to corporate Europe, Mr. Berthelsen urges workers to work smarter, not faster or harder, and to become more aware of the process than the product. In a world on hyperdrive, science is proving him to be right. A 2005 study sponsored by Hewlett-Packard showed that the I.Q.s of workers who responded quickly to the constant barrage of e-mails they received during the day fell 10 points, more than double the I.Q. drop of someone smoking marijuana.

The Boston Globe

Internationally, the slowness movement is likewise gaining adherents. Geir Berthelsen, founder of the Norway-based World Institute of Slowness, said more corporations in Europe are asking his advice for ways to change how their workplaces function. “The financial crisis is a consequence of a fast society,’’ said Berthelsen. “Too much in the window, and nothing in the stockroom. The focus has been on the end product, not the process. In a fast company, they are in a firefighting mode. They are reactive; they don’t have time to think,” said Berthelsen. “You will have people being creative and inspired if you take away the short-term focus.”

The Guardian

Slow is very important in psychology in general,” said Gail Kinman, a reader in occupational health psychology at the University of Bedfordshire. “It gives you time for recovery from stress. Slowing down means you have time to let your body and mind get back to the baseline.” Berthelsen cites the following "10 commandments for workplace slow": Speak to people, smile, call people by name, be friendly and helpful, be sincere, be really interested in people, be generous with praise, be careful with the feelings of others, respect their opinions and always be ready to help. But getting in the right frame of mind is important. "Each morning, sit down doing nothing or take a short walk, and think about what you want to accomplish that day," he says. "And in the evening, use 10 minutes to think about what you achieved - and the high point of the day."

How to work slow


Spend the first 10 minutes planning your day - focus is all

Organise your schedule and do one thing at a time

Talk to colleagues - as long as they aren't too busy

Don't self-distract - stop checking your inbox every five minutes

Avoid being smug about exercise - a walk at lunchtime will do

Leave your ego at home and lighten up a bit

Offer to help workmates - and listen to their points of view


Head of SlowThinking®
Geir Berthelsen